Vote for a Better California

On November 6, 2012, Californians will make decisions on major issues impacting our families and children.  The election can put California back on track toward a better future that includes equal opportunity, fairness, and shared prosperity.

This election is extremely important for our communities and the future of our state.Our state is struggling. Too many Californians are unemployed and many continue to lose their homes.  Our kids attend under-funded schools and many students can no longer afford college.

This November, voters will have a chance to pass tax measures that ensure that schools and colleges have enough money to serve our students.  Other propositions would make common sense reforms to California’s system of incarceration – Saving the state millions in dollars while keeping us safe.  Another proposition would give large corporations unlimited influence over California politics and must be defeated.

Your vote can affect the future of your family, your community, and our state.

I Pledge to Vote in 2012

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